Bob Frank Does

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For thirty (30) years Bob has practiced law and focused on helping his clients. Those clients have included many people like you as well as Fortune 500 companies, local businesses (including the Baltimore Orioles), working men and women, those just entering the world and retired individuals enjoying the fruits of their labors.

You need a lawyer who is experienced. Bob has handled all kinds of matters and tried cases in all kinds of trial courts and administrative agencies. Want your case heard (criminal or civil) by a jury? Bob has tried those. Want to fight to keep your 1 license in front of an administrative law judge? Bob has tried those. Think a doctor committed malpractice? Bob has been working on medical malpractice cases for three (3) decades! Want to mediate your issue. Bob is a trained mediator.

Cases and matters handled include:

  • DUI

  • Auto accidents

  • Criminal cases

  • Incorporations

  • Collections

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Estate Work

  • Workers Compensation Matters

  • Wills and much, much more!