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Business Law Attorney Bob Frank

Business Law

The law which applies to the rights, relations and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade and contracts.

Civil Law Attorney Bob Frank

Civil Law

A body of rules that delineate private rights and remedies, and govern disputes between individuals in such areas as Auto accidents, real estate and landlord tenant matters, and family law.

Criminal Law Attorney Bob Frank

Criminal Law

Rules defining conduct prohibited by the government because it threatens and harms public safety and welfare and establishes punishment including felonies, serious traffic cases, drinking/driving offenses, and more.

For thirty-five (35) years Bob has practiced law and focused on helping his clients. Those clients have included many people like you as well as Fortune 500 companies, local businesses (including the Baltimore Orioles), working men and women, those just entering the world and retired individuals enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Business Law Attorney Robert L Frank
Civil Law Attoney: Robert L Frank
Criminal Law Attorney Robert L Frank
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